Hawker 800XP N722EA

Distance is no longer a problem! On board our Hawker 800XP, you’ll enjoy even the longest flights. With a cabin roomy enough for you to stand or walk, you can always stretch your legs – or you can just sit back and enjoy the luxury of the all-leather interior.

With an on-board Wi-Fi, open bar, catering and a DVD player, all your wants and needs will be taken care of. We will also include the services of the flight attendant and/or custom catering on request. Of course, your pets can come along as well.

It’s not just about on-board amenities. We are proud of the jet’s performance as well. The range of 2,200 NM (over 2,500 miles) is enough to get coast-to-coast without refueling, and the top speed of 514 mph will help you get there really quickly. Last but not least, the service ceiling of 41,000 ft is enough to get you comfortable above any weather that comes your way.

Just enjoy the flight!

+1 561-898-2221

How many persons does your jet seat?

9 seats: 8 regular seats and one toilet seat.

Is catering included in the price?

We offer a variety of snacks and an open bar on flights. Catering is also included, but it has to be requested.

Is F/A included in your price?

No, it isn’t.

Is owner approval required?

No, OA is not required.

Is it possible transport animals?

Yes, but it is limited by the number and weight of animals. The number of animals is determined on an individual basis.

How many pieces of luggage can we take?

We can put 5 pieces of medium size luggage to the cargo space.