Gulfstream 100 N115JJ

The Gulfstream 100 was designed fly long distances in high speeds.  It can easily complete nonstop trips from Florida to in speed of .84 Mach.

The seven-passenger cabin of the Gulfstream 100 is 17.1 feet long, 5.6 feet high, and 4.8 feet wide.  Total cabin volume is 375 cubic feet.  All of the usual amenities are available:  power outlets, a galley, and an enclosed lavatory.  There is 42 cubic feet of baggage space (up to 370 pounds) in an external compartment.


The Gulfstream 100 can climb directly to 37,000 feet in 16 minutes.  It can reach its highest speeds of 470 knots, or about .84 Mach, at an altitude of 41,000 feet.  It is advantageous to fly so high for two reasons: first, 41,000 feet is above most inclement weather, and second, there is almost no air traffic at such a high altitude.

Fast cruise speeds and high cruising altitudes would be of little use if it weren’t for the Gulfstream 100’s 3,390 mile (2,950 nautical mile) range. The average range for mid-sized private jets is only 2,520 miles (2,189 nautical miles). This enables the G100 to easily complete transcontinental trips (New York to LA) 

Despite the fact that the Gulfstream 100’s cabin size classifies it as a mid-sized private jet, it performs like a large-cabin private jet. With a range of nearly 3,000 nautical miles and fast cruise speeds, it proves itself to be a worthy addition to the Gulfstream Corp Aerospace fleet.

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How many persons does your jet seat?

Our Gulfstream offers 8 seats: 7 regular seats and one toilet seat.

Is catering included in the price?

We offer a variety of snacks and an open bar on flights. Catering is also included, but it has to be requested.

Is F/A included in your price?

No, it isn’t.

Is owner approval required?

No, OA is not required.

Is it possible transport animals?

Yes, but it is limited by the number and weight of animals. The number of animals is determined on an individual basis.

How many pieces of luggage can we take?

We can put 8 pieces of medium size luggage to the cargo space.